“Quick Trip” 1955 Chevrolet 210 (Click Image To Zoom In)

“Quick Trip” 1955 Chevrolet 210 Owner: Scott Loomis Builder: Scott’s Hot Rods & Customs Current awards: GM Design Best Hotrod SEMA 2008, Winner in class Grand National Roadster Show 2009 Overview: Quick Trip was dreamed of, designed, and built in Oxnard CA by Scott’s Hotrods & Customs in 2008. In Early 2007 Scott Loomis approached Justin Padfield with a laundry list of body mods, chassis mods, and drive train ideas. That list quickly turned into one of the most radical tri-5’s ever built. Over the next 18 months Scott’s spent well over 2500 man hours in the build alone. With Loomis’s vision of a Modern Pro-Street jewel and Scott’s guidance; the chassis was the first item to start on. Being a chassis builder, Scott’s scrapped the factory frame in lieu of a custom 2x4 tube chassis for this radical build. Chassis: 2x4 box tubing rails, 1-1/2”x .125” tubular x-member, Scott’s Superslam airbag independent front suspension, Scott’s SuperSlam airbag 4-link rear suspension, Scott’s Aluminum shocks, Wilwood Brakes, 456 gears ,35 spline axles, pile bros 3rd member, Kinsler injection, Motor built by Lambert Enterprises tuned by Kenny Duttweiller 20x15, 18x7 Mickey Thompson tires Wedge roof ¾ inch, lengthen hood ½ ,shorten cowl ¾, ,reshape top of doors round corners, move wheel wells forward , trunk lid shaved, tail light pockets so bezels sit flush, seams filled front fenders, firewall smooth dash, center console, 4 point roll bar, drip rails shaved, gap eighth inch, exhaust through rockers, interior by Ron Mangus custom interiors, arc audio system, air ride controllers, front is one piece, gas door shaved, wiper cowl smooth, reshape hood peak.


63-87 Chevy/GMC Bolt in IFS with C-10 spindles
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
Under Dash Pedal Assembly
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Remote Reservoirs
4 Link
4 Link

IFS Tri-5
Scott Loomis 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Scott Loomis' 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

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