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This section shows Scott's Hotrod's IFS system. These systems can be custom built for any car or truck and give your ride NINE INCHES of travel with no wheel scrub. These are one of a kind. If you have any questions or would like to order one of these front end systems for your car or truck please call 1-800-273-5195.

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SUPERSLAM IFS SYSTEM. An airbag IFS with nine inches of travel and no wheel scrub.
This passenger-side shot reveals a normal ride height with about 80 psi in the airbag. Note the downward angle of the upper tubular A-arm and the straight tire/wheel assembly. At approximately 40 psi in the airbag, the suspension has dropped a few inches, the tapered end A-arms are unequal with each other, and the tire/wheel assembly is still straight. Some shops weld nuts to the ends of the inner tubular A-arms and then screw the rod in. Not at Scott's. The tubes are tapped (threaded) and the rod ends are screwed in for maximum strength. The driver's side is exactly the same. By the way, note the workmanship and the rack-and-pinion steering.
Here's the same (at about 40 psi). For testing, both lines were tied together with a single "T" air inlet. Here is a close up of Scott's collared ball joint. The grease fitting is bottom-mounted. The key to keeping the front tire/wheel assembly straight while the chassis moves, according to Scott's Justin Padfield, are the adjustable alignment rod ends, collared upper ball joint and tapered end upper and lower A-arms. The Firestone airbags, as engineered, are bolted in place. The air inlet fittings and line are heavy-duty/industrial type.
This angle of the right suspension reveals "smooth" engineering everywhere. Scott's upper and lower airbag brackets are 1/4-inch thick for strength. Each is one piece. Yes, the airbag suspension uses shock absorbers for dampening the bumps. The brand choice is strictly up to you. Scott's has the steel inner framerail walls used in boxing the frame for strength. Note the engine mount tabs as well as Scott's superb welding and finish sanding. Scott's Superslam IFS is sold in pieces or in a complete kit, in two styles, Standard or SHow. This Standard kit was just installed on Barb Perallis' vintage Ford pickup. She wanted a ride like her new Ford Expedition. Note the boxed framerails-a must for strength.






63-87 Chevy/GMC Bolt in IFS with C-10 spindles
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
Under Dash Pedal Assembly
A/C Bulkhead
Remote Reservoirs
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4 Link

IFS Tri-5
Scott Loomis 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Scott Loomis' 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Motor Mounts
Custom Wrap Around Console
55-57 Chevy Sheetmetal Work

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