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Welcome to our in-house New parts section. We will use this page to display all of the Newest parts that are made in our shop. We will update this page with some of the many parts we will be introducing.

Scott’s L.E.D. Tail lights

Finally an L.E.D. taillight big enough to see! Now available for mail order, these tail lights measure 10”x3” and are housed in a billet CNC machined bezel. Sporting 60 l.e.d’s these are surely the brightest around and work perfect for the tail light, brake, and turn signal combination.

LS-9 Motor Mounts

The width of the LS-based motors has plagued builders since GM started producing them, and rodders started buying them. Until now, the only option was the factory aluminum mount, which quite frankly is extremely large and offered no adjustability. Scott’s LS-9 Motor Mounts are offered in a variety of standard lengths and even custom lengths to fit ANY application. The standard 4 bolt flange is TIG welded to down-tubes of your choice in length, and is supported by a captured, replaceable, bushing.

Small Block Ford Motor Mounts

Let’s face it; the Small Block Ford rarely gets the credit it deserves. Most custom car builders are used to sticking SBC motors in their Ford; such blasphemy does not have to be anymore. Put a Ford in your Ford with Scott’s Small Block Ford Motor Mounts. All Motor Mounts are offered in a variety of standard lengths and even custom lengths to fit ANY application. The standard 2 bolt flange is TIG welded to down-tubes of your choice in length, and is supported by a captured, replaceable, bushing.

Motor-Mount Kit

With virtually thousands of possibilities when it comes to engine types, frame widths, varying degrees of angle, etc., we realized the need for a fully user-fitted motor mount kit. Based on our long time selling Motor-Mounts, the Scott’s Motor-Mount Kit is comprised of all the necessary components to have a quality Scotts Hotrods Motor-Mount in a custom application. Included are frame mounts, block mounts, bushing housing, bushing and sleeves, and connecting tubes.

Billet Master Cylinder

The first of the Signature Series Line, Scott’s Billet Master Cylinder fills the void that Custom Hot Rodders and Street Rodders have looking for. Based on the Corvette design and configuration, our dual reservoir Master Cylinder is machined from 100% Billet 6061 Aluminum, is the only one of its kind and sports a 1” bore. It also priced cheaper than most cast aluminum master cylinders of similar design.

28-31 Model-A firewall

With an increasing demand for this particular firewall, Scotts decided to add it to our line of production firewalls. Manufactured from 16g sheet metal, the Scotts firewall is a great way to clean up that old rusty firewall, or just to add a clean look for that custom rod. All Scott’s firewalls are one piece ready to be trimmed and installed, unlike several of our competitors 3 and 4 piece firewalls.

Break Line Bulkhead

Until now, there has been no clean way to install an under dash pedal assembly. You have always been left with the daunting task of devising a way to run the brake lines and vacuum line through the firewall neatly. Seeing this problem, Scott’s Hotrods developed the industries only true brake-line bulkhead incorporating a vacuum bulkhead also. Ready to accept both -3 and -6 fittings, the brake-line bulkhead fits neatly upon the firewall with hidden hardware. The Brake-Line Bulkhead is truly a simplistic revolution.

67-72 Chevrolet Truck Pedal Assembly

Now introducing the ONLY frame mount pedal assembly for 1967-1972 Chevrolet pickups. Sold with or without master cylinder/booster assembly, this pedal assembly will readily accept most standard 4 bolt flange boosters and is 100% bolt on, and engineered for the proper pedal throw and leverage to take the guess work out of the installation.

1932 Plymouth ifs

Famous for our Custom front suspensions, Scotts Hotrods now offers a standard-spec front end for the 1932 Plymouth. Highly sought after, this car has been the step child in the front end world with no real viable options. ONLY Scotts can build this front end and offer it with no custom charges or fees. Built as a standard rear-steer front end, this front end includes all of the standard features such as fully adjustable upper AND lower 1-1/8”x14” wall tubular control arms, 2”x4”-3/16” wall one-piece crossmember, and Scotts famous lifetime guarantee.

Throttle cable cover

If you are familiar with any of our builds, you will know that Scotts is all about smooth lines and clean looks. That’s the idea behind this simple little item. With a splitting outer ring, the throttle cable can be run through the firewall and the cover is neatly place over it, screwing down from behind. You will be hard pressed to find a cleaner, simpler, easier way to clean up under the hood.






63-87 Chevy/GMC Bolt in IFS with C-10 spindles
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
Under Dash Pedal Assembly
A/C Bulkhead
Remote Reservoirs
4 Link
4 Link

IFS Tri-5
Scott Loomis 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Scott Loomis' 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Motor Mounts
Custom Wrap Around Console
55-57 Chevy Sheetmetal Work

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