Independent Rear Suspension (Click Image To Zoom In)

You asked for it and we've built it! Yes that's right this is the all-new Scotts RearSlam IRS air suspension system. We went further than the others once again and designed a rear air system for those who like the quick-change look but want the adjustability of airbags. This rear-air IRS will allow you to take that first place trophy at the show and ride comfortably on the road. It comes complete with all you see here. Call Scotts now and get your special price on this one-of-a-kind rear IRS!

63-87 Chevy/GMC Bolt in IFS with C-10 spindles
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
63-87 Chevy Truck IFS
Under Dash Pedal Assembly
A/C Bulkhead
Remote Reservoirs
4 Link
4 Link

IFS Tri-5
Scott Loomis 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Scott Loomis' 55 Chevy Named Quick Trip

Motor Mounts
Custom Wrap Around Console
55-57 Chevy Sheetmetal Work

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