Scott’s Hotrods employees…the best welders, fabricators and machinists in our industry who manufacture our products 100% in America at our facility.

Scott’s Hotrods was established in 1996 by Justin Scott Padfield in a small 1,200 square foot facility in Ventura, CA. When the shop opened its doors, Justin had less than $2,000 in the bank, and only a small handful of jobs lined up…mostly fabrication work.

Over time Justin’s reputation as a master fabricator came to be known, and within a year the shop was bursting at the seams with jobs and builds. Knowing that the shop would ultimately be too busy to handled by him, one employee at a time was brought aboard; but only those that met a strict qualification checklist. Justin once said “I would rather hire a kid that can learn, than a man that already knows everything. I can teach the kid, but I can’t un-teach the man.” It was with that method of hiring employees, and his drive to create the business that has built Scott’s Hotrods into what it is today.

In a 9,700 square foot building in Oxnard CA (not including the CNC facility in Camarillo) Scott’s has grown to a size that is not typical of an average “hotrod” shop, and Scott’s is no average shop.

Over the last 21 years Scott’s has placed in the Great Eight at the Detroit Autorama; notably the most prestigious show in the country comparable only to the Grand National Roadster Show. Scott’s has also been featured in an uncounted number of shows on Discovery Channel, TLC, and the Speed Channel. Scott’s has never been a shop to seek the limelight, but through networking, the limelight has sought out Scott’s and provided for an unsolicited boost in business.

In the last few years alone, Scott’s has taken home the GM design award at SEMA 2008 for a trend setting 1955 Chevrolet.  In addition, there have been dozens of individual 1st place trophies at numerous car shows nationwide.  Scott’s Hotrods remains the only company in history to win back to back the title of “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) at the Grand National Roadster Show, which Scott’s did in 2008, and again when competing in 2010.

It is without question that Scott’s Hotrods builds high profile cars to win high profile shows, and does so with great success.  However, the unexpected success of the business is the manufacturing of parts that has made Scott’s the success it is.

The staple of the mail order business is the line of custom front suspensions that are designed and built in-house. With the ability to not outsource the CNC work or design and engineering, Scott’s has been able to offer a product that is light years ahead of any other on the market, and do so at an average, if not less expensive, price.

To add to their lineup of chassis, suspensions, and frame parts, Scott’s introduced a new line of billet items that are quickly taking off and taking hold of the industry. The attention to what is needed in the hotrod market is the key to Scott’s success, and the reason for Justin’s dream of owning one of the best Hotrod Shop in the country coming true.