Do you build a suspension kit or chassis for my vehicle?
YES!  We manufacture vehicle specific, not universal, suspension kits and complete chassis for ANY year/make/model vehicle 1925-1987.

Can I get a chassis/suspension quote?
Email [email protected] or Call 800-273-5195

How do I bleed my new power rack & pinion?
1 -Fill your power steering reservoir with power steering fluid
2 -Jack the front of the car high enough so the tires are off the ground
3 – Turn the steering wheel back and forth from Lock to Lock at a slow steady pace about 25 times
4 – Check fluid level and top off as needed
6 – Turn the steering wheel back and forth from Lock to Lock at a slow steady pace about 50-100 times
7 – Check fluid level and top off as needed
8 – Continue until ALL of the air is out of the system

What power steering pump should I used with my new rack & pinion?
Any Power Steering Pump will work with our Rack & Pinions

What is my new power rack & pinion out of?
Our New Power Rack & Pinion Steering Racks fit a ’89-’90 Ford Thunderbird.  We do not use remanufactured racks.

Alignment Specs:
Toe IN:  1/16″ to 1/8″ 
Caster:  4 to 7-degrees
Camber:  Street 0-degrees.  More Aggressive Driving:  -0.5-degrees

Do I need to run a Pressure Reducer in my power steering lines?

What are the fitting sizes for my power rack & pinion?
9/16-18 thread pressure (bottom), 5/8-18 thread return (top)

What size bolts are used for my…?
All Hardware sizes can be found in our instructions.

Transmission Mount
Anchor Part Number 2268

Oil Pans
GM Performance Parts LS Engine Oil Pan 12628771
Ford Rear Sump Oil Pan Required SBF M-6675-A50

Do you have Instructions for your suspension kits?

What bearings, seals, brake rotor, caliper & pads can I purchase as replacements?
Our kits utilize a 1975-1979 Ford Granada Hub.  These parts are available from Scott’s or your local Auto Parts store.
Inner Bearing: A13  Outer Bearing: A12  Seal: VB193252

Are the Ball Joints Screw-In or Press-In?
Press-In. 1978 Chrysler Cordoba Lower Ball Joint

Why don’t you offer 6-Lug options for your chassis?
Wilwood does not offer a 6-Lug Brake Hub for the spindles we use.

What Lug Nuts Fit My Chassis?
1/2-20 Lug Nuts